Junction 16 and Respect Collaboration of Schools have always prided themselves in providing an efficient commissioning process, in order to offer your students an extensive range of Alternative Provision within Derby City.

We do this alongside the Local Authority’s procurement department, to enable consistent and robust, contractual agreements with any alternative provider who is successful in gaining a place on our Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) TD1241.

Junction 16 have complemented this service by providing in depth, regular Quality Assurance (QA) checks for any provider that may be commissioned, to ensure they are compliant with Ofsted guidelines for AP and continuing to offer quality alternative education, throughout the entirety of any placement. We have three fantastic mentors who oversee this QA and also provide a mentor service to each individual student, family and school that refer in through Junction 16.

Anyone referring through Junction 16 can always be reassured that we hold all essential records and checks on your behalf – there is no need to duplicate these and we can even speak to Ofsted should you need us to. Click below on the letter of comfort to be reassured we have it all covered.