What is a DPS?

A DPS is a Dynamic Purchasing System. This is a procurement tool that is entirely electronic and flexible. Unlike a tender process, it allows suppliers (such as an alternative education provider) to join at any point in its lifetime, therefore broadening the opportunities available.

A DPS works in 2 stages, the first being the initial setup stage where suppliers who meet initial criteria such as financial stability, location, provision of services etc will be admitted to the DPS. The second stage is where successful suppliers are invited to bid for work. Suppliers’ bids are evaluated and from there, contracts will be awarded based on overall quality, price and meeting the needs of the service user.

Junction 16 and our DPS

Junction 16 have successfully managed a DPS since 2018. The move from a tender process to a DPS has never impacted on the quality assurance that still needs to take place in terms of monitoring any alternative education provider.

Junction 16 continue to offer a service to all schools*, to quality assure any of the provision that is commissioned through our DPS. Click the link below to see our comprehensive specification that all providers offered contracts of work, must adhere to.

*All schools have a responsibility to continually monitor and check on their students who attend alternative provision. They must ensure that each child can still progress and achieve regardless of whether they attend mainstream education or not. If the provision has not been commissioned through the DPS and Junction 16 are not providing any ongoing quality assurance, then the school must ensure they have sufficient checks in place to meet the most recent government guidelines for AP.