Yes. Beginning something new can be daunting for some students and exciting for others. We encourage students to visit provisions before the commencement of their placement; a parent/carer or a member of staff from their school is also welcome to attend. This provides an opportunity for your child to start establishing a positive working relationship, which will give them the best chance of achieving the success they deserve.

Visits can be requested and organised through your Junction 16 Officer, who may also be able to accompany and assist with transport.

You will receive a letter confirming the placement, with all the information that you need to know about your child’s provision with Junction 16. The letter will also contain contact details for your child’s Junction 16 Mentor, who you can contact if you have any queries or concerns about the placement prior to the start date or once your child starts attending. You can also contact you Mj16 Officer at any stage during your child’s time with us for updates about your child’s placement and progress.

Junction 16 and providers have a legal duty to monitor and report on attendance and absences.

If your child is absent for any reason, we ask that parents/carers inform your mentor (or the provider) each day/session your child is absent. It is important that parents/carers get in touch with us as we cannot accept absence notifications from students themselves.

Attendance and punctuality (being on time) is very important to ensure that progress is made in learning. Your child must attend all sessions. As students grow and prepare for their next stages of education and employment they need to see good attendance and punctuality as important qualities that are valued by others and employers.

We aim to work closely with parents/carers, so should you require any support or if you are facing any difficulties with your child attending their provision(s), please get in touch with your allocated Officer who will be happy to discuss ways of supporting your child’s placement at the provision(s). No concern or issue is too great or too small.

Students attending vocational provision will follow Respect School’s term dates and INSET (training) days, unless directed otherwise by your child’s school. During these specified periods, vocational provisions will not be accessible to students. We will keep you informed of any closures, either in writing or other means of communication.