From the very first day of her placement, Darby made a positive impression at J16 Hair and Beauty. Her enthusiasm and creativity were evident in all areas, including nail art, where she truly shines.

Hair and Beauty recently underwent a visit from its internal verifier, who assesses all aspects of teaching, learning, and assessment within the environment. During this assessment, Darby’s skills and performance were evaluated by her teachers on a specific project, and the assessment was outstanding. Darby exhibited maturity and confidence throughout the evaluation and achieved a distinction for her exceptional work, a recognition that led to a letter being sent home to her parents. Each year, the provision holds a competition to judge the students’ mood boards, which they complete as part of their qualification, and Darby’s mood board claimed 1st prize, alongside a £30 voucher.

Darby’s achievements so far indicate a strong potential for success in the hair and beauty field. Her teachers are proud to support her development and look forward to her future accomplishments.