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Construction is fun and interesting and allows learners to learn and develop practical skills in a range of different construction trades and disciplines.

Construction provides learners with a general insight into the construction industry alongside developing abilities in a range of practical skills.

It provides learners with a broad introduction to the different trades involved in the sector, the importance of safety and security, and the types of career opportunities available.

In addition, the course will introduce learners to many new aspects of the construction industry which could help them make informed decisions about a wide range of career pathways.

The course is designed to support learners to develop an awareness of construction processes. It mainly supports learners in schools and colleges who want to learn about the construction industry from the build perspective.

It is mainly suitable as a foundation for further study and on completion, learners may wish to start an apprenticeship or continue in full time education (see Post 16 destinations).

The course will also provide a clear, satisfying and worthwhile course of study if learners do not progress to further study in this subject.


  • WJEC/ EDUQAS Level 1/ 2 Award in Constructing the Built Environment – 2 year course Qualification number: 603/3068/5
  • NCFE Level 1 Certificate in Occupational Studies for the Workplace Qualification number: 601/1088/0

This qualification is designed for KS4 learners (aged 14–16) aspiring to enhance their comprehension of the construction industry while gaining hands-on experience in planning and executing construction projects.

Key Stage 3 learners enrolled in the course will have access to enrichment opportunities and skill development.

Recommended Session Attendance

Year 9 – Half day only (enrichment only)

Years 10 -11 – Half day only

Year 11 – Full day or two half days

The qualification is unitised and each unit has been designed so that knowledge, understanding and skills are developed through tasks that have many of the characteristics of real work in the construction industry. Each unit has an applied purpose which acts as a focus for the learning in the unit. WJEC Level 1/2 Awards in Constructing the Built Environment are assessed through a combination of internal and external assessment (final assessments in Year 11).

Venue Address

Junction 16 Construction, Liversage Street, Derby, DE1 2LD

01332 980939

Post 16 destinations/careers:

The qualification could lead to further education and training such as level 2/3 qualifications:

  • GCE or Vocational. The most relevant pathway will depend upon the outcome achieved within this qualification and others taken alongside. The qualification will allow progression routes into:
  • Level 2/ 3 full-time study in construction trade qualifications at your local further education college or training provider
  • An apprenticeship in a construction related subject or trade
  • Full-time employment

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Derby College

Meet the Team

Danny Page

Head of Department

Before transitioning into teaching, I gained valuable experience in the construction and engineering sectors through my studies and professional endeavors. My background in these industries instilled in me a deep passion for imparting my knowledge and expertise to students. I am driven by the desire to empower them by sharing my own experiences, equipping them with practical skills necessary for their journey towards pursuing post-16 construction-related training and securing meaningful work placements. My aim is to inspire and prepare students to thrive in the dynamic world of construction, enabling them to confidently navigate their future endeavors in this field.

Craig Vasey


I bring a decade of experience working with post-16 individuals in the construction field, aiding learners in obtaining the necessary qualifications for securing apprenticeships in the industry. My background includes hands-on roles as a ground worker and painter and decorator, and I use these acquired skills to impart practical knowledge to the learners. My philosophy is stretching the learners to achieve their maximum potential.

Will Boyland


I have dedicated the past 15 years to working with young people, beginning my journey at the school as a Sports Coordinator. My role involved organising sports, cycling, and various offsite activities. Subsequently, I transitioned to become a sports teacher, where I delivered BTEC Level 2 sports qualifications. Presently, I am teaching Construction, a shift from sports, but it’s an area that has always captivated my interest. My primary goal remains consistent: fostering strong, positive connections with our students. I firmly believe that learning with a smile is pivotal in enabling them to achieve success and pave the way for a brighter future.

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