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The Mill, Lodge Lane, Derby, DE1 3HB

At Catharsis we use innovative techniques with proven, life changing results to help individuals and groups overcome trauma, beat stress, build confidence and personal development.

Catharsis is committed to providing the best quality therapeutic services tailored to the needs of a diverse range of clients. There are a range of fully qualified and experienced therapists available that work in many ways with the creative arts, to allow each young person to receive a unique and personalised experience tailored to them.

The arts therapies cover a wide variety of specialisms. Art, drama, music, dance movement and traditional talking therapies are all available though our work with young people. Although a structured intervention, the arts therapies remain one of the few interventions that are predominantly client led. This allows the young person to have autonomy over their own therapy and the direction of the work, whilst remaining under the guidance of the therapist. Catharsis offers psychological therapies with an awareness of the young person’s emotional, psychological, social and physical needs. Sometimes feelings, thoughts, ideas and experiences can be too difficult to put into words and the creative process offers an alternative form of communication for this. There is no need to have any special skill or previous experience in the arts to benefit from arts therapy. The aim of the therapy is not about the final product but instead about the process of how it is created, enabling the young person to understand themselves better. Developing insight and making sense of feelings and experiences can lead to positive change with the possibility for growth and healing to occur.

Therapy sessions are usually offered on a 1:1 weekly basis, however flexibility is available to those individuals that may require a more specific intervention. Group work focussed on a particular theme or topic is also facilitated. Catharsis offers stand-alone support sessions that are psychoeducational in nature and responsive to the needs of the school. These may include but are not limited to, exam workshops, where the focus is on supporting young people’s mental health and wellbeing throughout the exam period, by providing a space to contain anxieties and offer relevant coping skills.

Venue Address

The Mill, Lodge Lane, Derby, DE1 3HB




Project management and in particular evaluation, also forms a huge part of our work. We take the approach that the partnership we form with an individual or organisation is all about understanding each other’s needs with regards to aims and objectives. We insist that all of our projects have a clear set of aims, objectives and desired outcomes from the very start. On-going evaluation takes place throughout the project with consistent feedback involving as many of those people involved in the project as possible. Written reports are provided throughout and at the end of the process. Therapy is delivered within the institution where possible.

Meet the Team

Hannah Robertson - Director of Therapeutic Arts & Business

Keren Adler - Service/Business Development Manager

Lucy Partington - Project Manager