Meet Alex, a Year 10 student with a journey that reflects resilience, growth, and determination.

In the past, Alex faced serious behaviour challenges at school and in the community, resulting in multiple exclusions. Complicated home issues further compounded these difficulties. Struggling with anxiety, Alex reached a point where attending school became overwhelming. Despite the school’s efforts in implementing support and interventions, Alex had not attended school for three months.

Alex expressed that he would like to explore a career in the construction trade and his main school, recognising the need for a tailored approach, made a referral to Junction 16 for part-time alternative provision. This meant smaller groups and an environment tailored to Alex’s needs and interests.

In just a short span of a few months at the Junction 16 construction provision, Alex has made impressive progress. He has acquired practical skills in both brickwork and woodwork, demonstrated increased interaction with peers, and maintained a perfect attendance record. This positive momentum carried over to his main school attendance too. This school now confirms that Alex is attending part-time, with plans to gradually increase hours. This not only shows Alex’s personal growth but also proves how effective alternative education approaches can be.

Alex continues to attend the Construction provision and is working towards a Level 2 qualification, setting the stage for a post-16 course. Alex’s journey is a testament to the teamwork of the Junction 16 alternative provision team, the referring school, and himself, proving that positive change happens when the right support and opportunities are provided.